What is right for you?

Choose your Package

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free intake (worth AED 550) with any bulk booking of 4 or more sessions.
I offer a number of options to support your goals and timeframes:


4 sessions / AED 2200
AED 550 Per 60 min session
  • Great introduction to coaching
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Weekly WhatsApp support
  • Time frame 1 month

Self discovery

8 sessions / AED 4000
AED 500 Per 60 min session
  • Help with specific challenge
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Weekly WhatsApp support
  • Time frame 2 months
  • Coaching plan of action tailored to your goals
  • 100% satisfaction warranty

Be the best you can be

12 sessions / AED 5400
AED 450 Per 60 min session
  • Complete coaching programme
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Weekly WhatsApp support
  • Time frame 2 months
  • Coaching plan of action tailored to your goals
  • 100% satisfaction warranty
  • Improve communication skills

Are these


  • You dont know what your direction or purpose in life is. You got everything you need but missing passion
  • You do know what your dream or passion is, but you have always made excuses to follow through with them by either not knowing how to pursue them or not daring
  • You feel stuck and not making the best decisi ons for yourself. You are in a constant dilemma and would need some guidance
  • You are currently in a moment of your life with transitions, and change, for example you just relocated to Dubai, or left your job either voluntarily or not. Even though there a re many wonderful things about it, there are times you feel alone or lost
  • You are experiencing conflict and work or at home, causing you stress and anxiety which is drainin
  • Some parts in your life are perfect but other would need improving. You would like to have a better work/ life balance or not happy with your work or relationship

These are a few reasons why people choose coaching.

No matter what the reason is, the most important is that you are ready to change and taking back control over your life.

My coaching


I will use a range of the best handpicked NLP, life coaching and mindfulness techniques.

Every coaching service will start with a free initial consultation.

This session will set the context for you, your goals and the techniques I use to help you achieve them:

  • Discussion of your personal history
  • Focused conversation on which parts of your life you want to develop fastest
  • We will establish your main focus in life and find out your ‘Driving Question'
  • We will briefly explore the range of techniques that I can use to help you
  • We build the foundations of a coaching plan tailored for you

Discover the new you

What are your goals and dreams?

In all the chaos of modern life and the ever-present pressure to perform your role at work and home, your personal dreams and ambitions can get lost. Coaching can help to carve out time for reflection on what is truly important.

Many of my clients say that coaching is their time to focus on where they can grow stronger and work on techniques that mean they get more done, with less stress and a more mindful outlook than ever before.

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Coaching engagement

If after the initial consultation we both feel that I can genuinely support your growth we can proceed
to a formal coaching engagement.


To realise lasting change I recommend a minimum 12 hour coaching commitment. This length of time gives you a chance to form new habits, to embed new ideas and to be held accountable to achieving your goals over a meaningful period.

I recommend spreading the 12 hours over a period of 8 to 12 weeks where you will meet me once or twice a week.


Each 60 minute coaching session starts with a discussion regarding progress in overcoming your most prevalent real life challenges. We then discuss highly effective techniques, directly relevant to your current circumstances.

Over time you will master a range of concepts that will allow you to know your inner mind and handle your actions and emotions in any circumstance

Ongoing support

During the 12 hour coaching engagement I am available to answer any questions you may have and to talk through life changing actions you wish to take in real time.

At the end of the initial engagement we summarise your outcomes and areas for further development

Follow-on coaching

Once clients have seen the positive impact of coaching on their lives they generally wish to continue the relationship. After 12 hours together I will have a deep understanding of your personality and drivers, and will be able to craft further coaching packages to further support your development. Follow on coaching might include continuing with a weekly meeting or scaling back our engagement to monthly ‘top up’ sessions depending on your progress.

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