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My vision is to help you live the life that is in line with your values, desires and dreams.

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Why have a coach?

Be honest with yourself, do you live the life you dreamt about when you were a child? Was this the life you were looking forward to when you grew up?

In the chaos of modern life, with the ever-present pressure to perform your role at work and home, your personal dreams and ambitions can get lost. Professional life coaching in Dubai helps you to create the time to reflect on what is truly important and move towards your real goals.

Danielle Smith

About me

Hello, I am Danielle, a leading life and career coach in Dubai. Over the years I have worked with many people helping them become the best version of themselves and living their life to the fullest.

Whether it is a career change, to start their business of the ground, taking their career to a new level, improving how they come across to people, finding their passion and drive, improving confidence or a myriad of other life challenges, I am here to help clients to be the best they can be.

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Why personal coaching?

Your coaching


Life coaching

Your personal dreams and ambitions can get lost in today’s world. Coaching can help to carve out time for reflection on what is truly important.

Career coaching

Clarify and communicate any issues at work, enabling positive change in current role or seeking new opportunities aligned with your passions and desires.

Executive coaching

Have you got employees who have got a lot of potential and could use some guidance to unlock this even further?

Outplacement coaching

One of the most important parts of any redundancy package you can offer is providing career coaching and transitioning support.


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You can expect:

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100% satisfaction guarantee

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Discover a new you

What are your goals and dreams?

My clients say their coaching time is their opportunity to focus on their real dreams and analyse which areas in their life they want to improve.

Most importantly they agree to act on their goals, and we work together monitoring progress towards lasting change. The techniques that I teach help you to do more of what you love, with less stress and a more mindful look than ever before. 

After every session my clients feel focused, energised, more self aware and ready to go after their dreams. Are you ready to get started?